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It all happened in one of our video conferences with the Experience Box team. We had a clear challenge: what can we do from our modest position to help the destination Málaga and Costa del Sol?


Upd. April 28th, 2020 

The transition to the so called "New Normality" will be carried out in 4 phases. Each phase will last at least two weeks, therefore Spain is expected to reach the "New Normality" before the end of June 2020. 

May 4th, 2020 - Stage 0


  • You will love EVENTS above all things. You are where you are, because you like events so much and that love will be the key to enjoy them again.


Dear Friends and family,

So here we are. Unfortunately, our biggest fear has become a reality, and it was about time we did something about it. And that is confinement. Staying home and going out only to buy food, medicines or work for those who cannot work from home. We must learn to live like this for a while, and the better we do it the less it will last.

Yes: what the hell…. This is what we are all saying (or at least thinking) when we wonder about the consequences of the trending topic in the world these days… these weeks… who knows, these upcoming months…?  

Today we would like to talk about a subject that we have been working on a lot lately and still are, in order to enrich our catalogue and offer more ideas to our clients.

Beautiful corporate events and group functions have been organized in the Costa del Sol in the last decades. And it has always been a success mostly thanks to the wonderful local gastronomy, unique venues and of course breath-taking sea views.

Why is Costa del Sol, in Andalusia, Southern Spain, is one of the greatest destinations for any sort of MICE Corporate events? Some answers and interesting elements to keep in mind are listed here-under : 

The gastronomic offer of a region is very important when choosing a destination for a MICE group. Spain and Andalusia stand out at European level with an offer of high quality restaurants, with more than 20 Michelin stars. 

In Malaga in 2020 we have 6 restaurants with a total of 8 Michelin stars (since the closing of Dani Garcia Marbella): 

Most of the Corporate events include a special dinner... It could be an awards ceremony cocktail, a seated gala dinner, a cooking workshop or a themed night, depending on the type of venue, the type of group, the budget, the general expectations and obviously the type of event (incentive trip, product presentation, press trip, President's Club, team building experience, etc).

With its 320 sunny days a year, the winter at the Costa del Sol is pretty much like spring in most of the remaining European countries. So here is a very good reason why to take an opportunity to escape from the cold and rain by bringing your group to the Malaga region. The variety of options for MICE groups is possibly even larger in winter than the warmer seasons, as high temperatures are not an issue anymore anytime of the day.

Have you ever heard about "Corporate Social Responsibility", also known as CSR? Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a self-regulating business model that helps a company be socially accountable — to itself, its stakeholders, and the public. By practicing corporate social responsibility, also called corporate citizenship, companies can be conscious of the kind of impact they are having on all aspects of society including economic, social, and environmental.

Not all group activities are meant to be related to fun, sport or gastronomy… Sometimes Corporate clients are looking to get even more out of a team building experience, like a serious analysis of the personalities, qualities and areas for improvements of their staff members.

As event organizers, when talking about experiences on the Costa del Sol, the one that probably creates wider eyes open when explaining what it consists of, is probably our VIP Day Trip to Morocco. For many people it is unthinkable that, while spending a night in Marbella, our clients can enjoy this wonderful day without having to change hotels… and this is possible with EXPERIENCE BOX. We bring you the possibility, at a very affordable price, to experience this dual dream throughout the whole year, from summer to winter, from the fall to spring time.

We have all heard about all the fire disasters happening around us the last weeks, even months.

Quick recap of what we are facing:

Everybody knows how busy the Costa del Sol gets in the summer starting early June until September. But what happens once the high season is over? Well, that’s when the real fun begins. At least for us, the Experience Box team. 😊

Once the summer is gone, we still have an amazing weather, the crowds and crazy traffic are over and the destination shines more than ever. And that’s when the MICE season begins.

Have you heard about the famous Feria de Malaga? Well it starts in less than a week and it is going to last 10 days this year! So it is definitely an interesting subject to bring up this month:

It is undoubtedly the new fashion for corporate events on the Costa del Sol: the GOLF from a boat. Using only ECOLOGICAL and 100% BIODEGRADABLE balls, this challenge of golf in the open sea is the ideal activity for incentive trips, team building activities but also private parties, pre-wedding experiences, etc.


For decades now, Costa del Sol has been famous for being a dream destination for tourists from all around the world. And it is no surprise once you know the exceptional weather almost all year long, the nice beaches, the beautiful cities and villages, its kind people, the wonderful gastronomy, all the fun and exciting activities we can experience thanks to the mountains, rivers and sea (water sports, hiking, canyoning and so much more…).

The province of Malaga and especially Malaga capital bets every year stronger in the tourism sector and for this in recent years has not stopped reinventing itself with new and renovated spaces for holding all kinds of events with a wide variety of options ranging from Museums, Castles, Farms, Cortijos, and so on.

When choosing a space to organize an event, it is essential to understand what type of event we are celebrating. For this we have prepared a ranking with the best venues in Malaga to hold corporate events ... 

The concept of "team building" can be very broad, ranging from specific activities in short periods of time, full days, to weeks organized by companies, both within and outside working hours. When we began to work the concept of these actions was looking for a main objective, motivate staff and improve the working environment, but over time these activities and days are also used to delve deeper into the following aspects: