New trends in MICE dinners and functions entertainment

musical activity marbella

Today we would like to talk about a subject that we have been working on a lot lately and still are, in order to enrich our catalogue and offer more ideas to our clients.

Beautiful corporate events and group functions have been organized in the Costa del Sol in the last decades. And it has always been a success mostly thanks to the wonderful local gastronomy, unique venues and of course breath-taking sea views.

But it is time to go further. Times are changing and so do clients’ needs. Let’s think about what happened and why we need to add more and more components to make a unique and successful event nowadays.

Obviously, the evolution of technology comes to mind, social media for both personal and corporate use and the utmost importance of a strong visual impact and general stimulation. The challenge nowadays is to motivate people to attend business events, now that they are used to the same agenda again and again. And further than that, enhance a more active participation of every guest.

How do we do that? Simple… or not. But the trend is clear: themes, entertainment and the now famous “gamification” concept. In other words: keeping everyone busy and excited from the beginning to the end.

The most important elements to include being: customization, dynamism, creativity, exciting games, stimulating entertainment, and a variety of options.  Now that we have the ingredients, we need to come up with ideas, combine them and come up with perfect solutions for our clients.

Here is some of our latest creations. Each one of them has already been produced and tested with the highest level of satisfaction. In fact, most of the enquiries we are receiving are being sent to us following a previous client’s recommendation.

The Experience Box team is constantly researching, brainstorming, testing new ideas and creating in order to satisfy and exceed clients’ expectations. And we love the whole process! It is so exciting to see how the tiniest idea coming out of nowhere can grow into a whole new concept. And when we see it become a reality, and the reaction of the guests when discovering the result, it only pushes us to go on and keep doing what we do. 😊