Please find here-under a selection of team building activities we would be happy to organize for your group on the Costa del Sol (Malaga, Marbella, Estepona, Ronda, etc). These Corporate activities all include the aspect of team work, challenge, communication, stragegy and fun.

Be the first team to Escape the Countdown Box!
¡Tu tapa más original!
Unlocking Creativity: A graffiti puzzle experience
The most innovative and fun activity of the moment
The most private and exclusive treasure hunt
This is YOUR activity, your 100% personalized experience
Eco-sustainable city challenge with bicycles, scooters and more
An exclusive 3D team building experience
Explore at your own pace (safe, fun, interesting and original)
Artistic Interactive Treasure Hunt: Exclusive, artistic, cultural and fun!
The "High-Way" : Exclusive, dynamic, ecological, and fun
The funniest and most dynamic teambuilding activity
A very original team building activity that will blow your mind
The best team building activity on the Costa del Sol
A fun and unique icebreaking and team-building experience
The "Greatest Of All Teambondings"
Solidarity and sustainability combined with team fun
Feel like in the fabulous Monte Carlo casino in Las Vegas
Collaboration Canvas : artistic and creative IceBreaker
A combination of mystery + escape game for groups
Art + Brand Communication = unique corporate events!
Discover the secret kept at sea... An original treasure hunt.
A dynamic combination of Musical Quiz, Karaoke & team work
Cooking with real Chefs in a beautiful restaurant in Marbella
"Into the wild" ! Will you be able to survive?
Cable Car experience + Hiking route + Fun Treasure Hunt
Drive your group through a motivational illusion show
A different, fun and exotic icebreaker activity ...
Fun, challenge and competition on board ! Exclusive team building
An exclusive, original and unique evening : Andalusian Fair
Learn, enjoy and compete at this unique Sangria workshop
Have a fun musical night that no one will forget !
Enjoy an amazing experience in Malaga, Southern Spain
An exclusive, fun, interactive and gastronomy-related game
Icebreaker and Team building with art
A city tour, a competition and a personalized calendar in one!
A 100% ecological and safe golfing experience at sea ?
Discover the city in the most challenging way, with tablets.
Only one team will ESCAPE ! Will it be yours ?
EXCLUSIVE, unique, crazy, fun, amazing, dynamic, unforgettable
Design, build and compete at this Formula One challenge
A very original cultural tour in Andalusia major cities
A challenging and fun team building activity
Discover and enjoy this typical sport in Southern Spain
Fun, competition, team work, watersport, etc
Communication, leadership, change management, etc.
ICE BREAKER : Feel like a child, compete like a Boss !
A revolutionary interactive team building game in Sevilla
iPads, challenge, discovery and a lot of fun
If you wan to enjoy beach, sport, fun, team work, sea and more
UNIQUE in Spain, a professional quiz game with light buzzers, etc
Double cooking challenge + three course meal !
Discover the Andalusian and Spanish Culture, with a lot of fun!
Our Haka workshop is an unforgettable group experience
Discover, enjoy, play, visit, taste and have a lot of fun !
An incredible experience combining connection, musical synergy and motivation!
Learn from the best, compete like a Boss !
Following the Killer's Trail
A very unusual and fun game for groups on the Coast
Beach hockey + beach volley + beach football
Discover inland Andalucia and enjoy a challenging experience
An interactive, different and fun culinary challenge!
A team building activity that combines sailing and fun
High-Six : Enjoy and discover Granada in an unusual way!
Be the first one to escape and get to safety!
A combination of Culture and Team Building Activity in Malaga
Team work, listening and "communication" will be key...
Create your own mosaic/puzzle during an fun treasure hunt
Gastronomy related treasure hunt + cooking + dining
A unique and exclusive interactive "iPad" team building game
Design your flag, build your raft, race and win !
Great corporate activity for medium size groups
Test your agility, speed and team abilities !
Enjoy a professional sailing race on the Costa del Sol
Who will be the owner of the city?
Recycling experience and teamwork for groups
Something unusual, unique and unforgettable !
A fun teambuilding to motivate your team using LOL :-)
Teambuilding activities suitable for everyone
Time to sing like a pro and make your team win
Will you be able to win this red/white/rosé challenge?
♀A+B% = code to #|| æ/ Ì■Æj♀ *clues? ⌂§öÇ 654321 GO-ù
Looking for an original pre-dinner cocktail? Here you go !
Exclusive, fun, dynamic and safe... this is the PTA CHALLENGE
Use our Land Rover Defender to find the correct way !
A real team building game with drums and music
Feel the challenge of SUP, Surf, Kayak, etc
Fun, safe, unusual and unforgettable experience!
A fun team building activity on the Costa del Sol
A great an original teambuilding activity
A very original activity
Gastronomy event : Spanish omelette cooking team building
The challenge of a sailing race, in your hotel.
A combination of wine discovery and challenging games
A teambuilding experience with Taste
Quadbike circuit, treetop fun, shooting, cocktail making,...
A fantastic online ESCAPE ROOM game for groups of all sizes
Enjoy Sierra Nevada and the Andalucian snow games