Transition phases to "new normality" in Spain

desconfinamiento españa


Upd. April 28th, 2020 

The transition to the so called "New Normality" will be carried out in 4 phases. Each phase will last at least two weeks, therefore Spain is expected to reach the "New Normality" before the end of June 2020. 

May 4th, 2020 - Stage 0

Limited in time and distance walks in pairs and some individual physical activities (jogging, cycling, skating) are allowed. Individual training of professional sports and basic training of professional leagues will start. Opening of small premises by appointment for individual customer care. e.g. Restaurants to offer pick-up service in addition to the delivery service. Compusory use to wear a face mask when using public transport.

May 11th - Stage 1

Social gatherings of up to 10 people are allowed, respecting the physical distance. Opening of small shops and terraces (occupation up to 30%). Opening of hotels and touristic accommodation units excluding common areas. Places of worship will have a 30% limitation. Average training in professional leagues.  Non-professional sports: only allowed for activities that do not involve physical contact or use of changing rooms. Open-air markets, with conditions of distance between stalls. Cultural shows for less than 30 people indoors (with a third of the capacity) and for less than 200 people outdoors. Museum visits and funerals with limited number of persons.

May 25th - Stage 2

Opening of restaurants/bars for table service, with limited capacity. Trips to second homes, only if they are in the same province. Cinemas and theatres with a third of the capacity. Monuments and exhibition halls may be visited. Cultural activities with less than 50 people seated. If they are in the open air, less than 400 people seated. Hunting and fishing allowed. Educational centres (tutoring, care for children under six years of age and pre-college exams). Re-opening of shopping centres, with a ban on staying in the common areas or recreational zones. Weddings for a limited number of attendees.

June 8th - Stage 3

In restaurants, seating restrictions will be reduced, but with strict separation between the customers. General mobility will be made more flexible. The occupation of spaces, such as shops, will be increased to 50% of their capacity. Nightclubs and bars with a maximum capacity of one third of the usual. Opening of beaches in safe and distant conditions. Bull fighting: with a capacity limit that guarantees one person for every 9 square metres.

June 22nd - NEW NORMALITY!