A Virtual Team Building... Why and how !!!

remote teambuilding spain

The company Team Building Malaga (TBM), from the Experience Box group, had the opportunity to organize this last week of October a virtual (online) Team Building activity for a multinational company that has more than 9000 employees in different countries around the world. 

This is a company based in the United States that is listed on the Stock Exchange and has opened a branch in the capital of Malaga in 2018. The company develops digital products and engineering services using new technologies for leaders in the sectors of software and technology, financial services, commerce and distribution, media, tourism, life sciences and health.
The team building activity was mainly organized for the Malaga-based team with almost 200 employees, although several participants from Ukraine and other Eastern European countries also joined in. 

The context of teleworking

Since the start of the lockdown due to Covid10 in spring 2020, the employees of this company were forced to work from home and leave their offices kind of empty. HR managers contacted the Experience Box - TBM group to organize a virtual activity that could improve employee bonding, as well as the ambience and productivity of the company's departments. 

TBM initially offered them three options that were feasible, so they could choose the most appropriate one: 

  • an individual remote quiz 
  • an online collaborative challenge 
  • a virtual escape game

The Virtual Challenge 

The Multinational chose the option of the online collaborative challenge Team Building, an activity in which the teams were created instantly and randomly. The teams were faced with a clearly defined mission that was presented with a preliminary video: to decipher the launch code of a spacecraft to Mars. Each team member had access to a specific set of data, different from the rest of their colleagues.

Each participant could communicate with the rest of their team both from the game interface and from a virtual sub-commission room (in this case they used Microsoft Teams, the tool used by default in their company, where they could also share documents, screens, etc). The teams have 26 minutes to decipher the launch code, but they will only be able to obtain it if they manage to share with the other members of their team the information that each one has...

How will they do it? By talking? By creating a whatsapp group? By opening a shared document in Teams or Zoom? By writing it down on paper? 

The advantages of this virtual activity 

The benefits of a "standard" team building activity are already known and recognized: increased motivation, improved atmosphere between departments, enhanced communication, increased sense of belonging to a team and a project, more employee loyalty to the company, etc.

But online team building activities can go even further. In an increasingly virtual world, the online collaboration methodology is crucial to maintain or even improve the productivity of human resources. Today, many employees think they can collaborate very well virtually... but many times this is not the case, or at least there is a lot of room for improvement. And this is reflected in this activity, since the vast majority of teams were unable to decipher the famous code in the 26 minutes available, simply because of lack of or scarcity of: organization, processes, communication, knowledge of alternative virtual meeting platforms, or clear division of responsibilities among team members. 

These virtual events are being so successful that Experience Box already has 4 collaborative activities in its catalog, allowing the same company to go up the "steps" of difficulty and dramatically increase the ability of teamwork of their teams ... And all this, also having a fun and enjoyable time.

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