Granada Treasure Hunt

High-Six : Enjoy and discover Granada in an unusual way!

Granada, a grand taifa kingdom founded early in the 13th century, is the ideal  board game for our interactive treasure hunt with ipads. It is one of the most visited destinations in Spain and Experience Box brings you the opportunity to discover it in a unique and unusual way, competing and working together. If you still haven't tried our High-Six interactive city challenge, this is your chance to experience something unforgettable!

Our High-Six interactive city challenge with iPads is one of the funnest ways to visit/discover a city and enjoy a teambuilding activity at the same time. It combines teamwork, competition and a guaranteed good time. At the beginning we will do a short briefing to explain the rules, how the ipads work etc. We will provide each team with a backpack that contains the iPad and the tools necessary to complete the different tasks and challenges.

The main tool during the activity is an Ipad equipped with geolocalization, it is fundamental, as the map will be used by the teams as a guide around the city. There will be icons and points of interest on the map where the participants can go to complete specific tasks in order to get points. Each icon will have different activities, games or tasks to complete and each one will have its own scores based on criteria lilkethe distance, the difficulty, etc.

The participantes will have to make fun videos and challenging photos, interact with local people, and resolve different challenges/games such as:

  • Recreate a cheorography
  • Make regattas out of paper
  • Mini mind games
  • Clothes chain challenge
  • Origami
  • Etc

It seems easy, but be careful, as there is a series of obstacles such as ghosts or zombies, that will make your way to the different points of interest more difficult.

The interaction between the teams is another strong point of this teambuilding activity, there is an instant messaging system integrated into the game which allows messages to be sent between teams as well as the organizers. The teams can boycott eachother or make alliances. So STRATEGY IS KEY to win this team building game. 

The starting point can be in any location such as the centre of a city, a hotel, a beach, etc. and there is a possiblity to end at a different point allowing the group to get back together for lunch, dinner or a meeting.

If you would like an upgraded experience, we can also propose our exclusive High-seven activity in Granada, that includes gastronomy challenges and experiences like a stop for a tapas, a Iberian ham tasting, an oil tasting, a perfume tasting, etc...

Who's it for?

Our exclusive High-Six team building treasure hunt is an interactive game with ipads designed for corporate events and incentive groups with Granada as their destination.

  • Briefing of the activity and the rules
  • Delivery of backpacks and ipads to the participants
  • The fun begins!

Additional Information

Number of participants
20 to 400 pax
2 to 3 hours
This activity can be organized at any time of time year
What to wear
Comfortable clothes
All year round, subject to availability
Languages Spoken

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