Art-Jam Challenge Team Building

Icebreaker and Team building with art


Experience Box has created an exclusive teambuilding activity in Costa del Sol.
Our "Picasso Art-Jam Challenge" will test the creative skills of the group, making them to cooperate with each other, solving some puzzles and above all, create a piece of art of Picasso artist.

Before the beginning of the activity, we will give a small welcome briefing to explain all the rules of this experience as well as the step to follow during the activity, right after that we will divide the group in small team, that will have to compete againts the others.

How the activity works

During the first part, the teams will have on their tables some games and puzzle that has to be solved in a specific period of time. Each game solved will provide certain material needed to create the painting, like for example, crayon, felt pen colors, cardboard, etc. The more cooperation a team has, the more possibilities will have to complete all the games and take some advantage againts the other teams.
In order to make sure that everyone understand these puzzles/games, each team will have the assistance of a qualificated monitor, who will take care of explain all the rules properly, as well as to give some advices during the experience.

If one team manage to complete all the puzzles, one instructor will show them some paintings from Picasso. Each team will have to choose what masterpiece they are going to replicate. But beware here, because even the piece of art that could look the easiest one at first sight, might actually be the most difficult one...

Let's create

Each Picasso painting will be divided in small pieces/parts, so now the team will have to choose wisely who is going to paint each piece (note that each team member can only copy one piece). In order to make this activity a bit more complicated, each participant will have to work separately from the other teammates, hence coordination is very important here.

At the end of the activity, one member from each team will present their "masterpiece" to the jury of expert art dealers, who will choose the winner, based on factors like teamwork, skills, quality of work and unique selling points...

Who's it for?

This activity is ideal as a "Ice Breaker" and teambuilding experience, it does not required to much time to do it and it is perfect to develop your creative skills. The teams will explore some areas such as communication, coordination and teamwork. No matter the size of the group, due to this activity can be enjoyed with small group of 10 person or big groups of 300 person.

This activity can be organized in Malaga, Marbella, Puerto Banus, Estepona.

  • Welcome briefing
  • Creation of the teams
  • Activity Start!
  • Ceremony award 

Additional Information

Number of participants
From 20 to 300 people
This activity does not depend on weather condition, due to it can be organized indoor as well
What to wear
Comfortable clothes
Important Information
We can also organise this experience using other types of tools, like brushes,watercolor.
All year round, subject to availability
Languages Spoken

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