Gibraltar Treasure Hunt

iPads, challenge, discovery and a lot of fun


If you work for a company based in Gibraltar, you might be willing to organize a team building activity within the Rock, without having to cross the border to Spain. If this is the case, our exclusive Gibraltar iPad treasure hunt is for you. We have designed an activity that allows the use of geolocalization with 3G/4G in Gibraltar. It consists in a very fun and interactive team building game using specific software, highly personalized interface, questions related to your own business or company, QR codes, etc. 

We'll split the group into several teams of 7-10 persons, each team receiving a personalized iPad and having to complete a series of challenges in set POS (points Of Interest), like making pictures, answering questions, recording videos, resolving clues, finding QR codes, etc. It's a really fun and unusual activity that will allow you to discover Gibraltar like never before. 

We generally include : 

  • Event Director (Speaking English, Spanish, French, German)
  • Assistant
  • Actors
  • Personalized iPads
  • Water
  • Prize
  • Pictures (group picture, etc)

We can customize the entire activity to meet specific requests (including lunch or tapas stops, specific challenges, etc)

Also available :

Who's it for?

The Gibraltar iPad treasure hunt is a team building activity designed for local businesses (gambling, financial, law, etc) looking to treat their staff with a local experience, without having to cross the border.


All activities and itineraries are tailor-made to meet your expectations, available timing, level of fitness, etc.

Additional Information

Number of participants
20 to 400
Approx 2.5-3h
What to wear
Comfortable clothes
All year round, subject to availability.
Languages Spoken

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