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Make Your Own Wine

A great team activity combining fun and oenology

Experience Box Spain brings you this very unusual and fun team building / incentive activity in Andalucia, Southern Spain. The "create your own wine" can be organized in your hotel or in any place that would suit you best, all depending on the size of the group.

So how does this work ?

You will find 4 bottles at the working table, each of them containing 4 different kinds of grapes, a measuring cup, a pipette, 5 glasses for each of you, and the sheet for the scientific notes you will take. The challenge is to find out the percentage of each kind of grape to add in order to obtain an equilibrate, and wholesome wine in the coupage or final blend of the perfect wine we are in search of.

Our wine expert will give all of you the basic knowledge necessary to understand what will be the contribution of each type of grape to the wine, and how to successfully taste every coupage, so you end up being able to correct the possible mistakes and enhance for the best resulting blend after each tryout. This expert will constantly be moving around the room, to be able to resolve any doubts you might have, and also to let you know the details of wine tasting. Since you are not yet experts, you will have 4 chances to try different percentages of grapes in 4 mixtures. It is compulsory to use the 4 different types of grapes in each mix. You will make the mixes in the measuring cup, and once finished, they will be served in 1 of the 5 glasses given to each member of the team so everyone can taste it and voice their opinions.

As you make the mixes, it is very important that the captain writes down the percentages of each type of grape used on the sheet. If any of the teams needs more of any of the grapes, they should just ask the staff in the room. Finally, once the 4 mixes are finished, each of the captains will hand the staff the sheets showing all the notes taken for the 4 coupages. 1 of the 5 glasses given to each of the members of the team must remain clean.

The assessment of the wine expert will help everyone find the most adequate and proportionate mix, and give you tips to make that wholesome coupage yourselves. While the expert gives you the clues, every team will make this mix and everyone will be able to try in awe at how much the percentage of grapes used can change how a wine tastes.

Who's it for?

The "create your own wine" session is a great group activity for 20 to 300 participants looking for an event in their hotel of residence.

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Additional Information

Number of participants
30 to 300
2h to 4h
We need agreement and assistance from your hotel of residence for this event
All year round, subject to availability
Languages Spoken

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