The Graffiti-Box

Artistic and creative teambuilding activity

Our Graffiti-Box is an activity designed EXCLUSIVELY by EXPERIENCE BOX. With the spray as the main tool, this activity is transgressive, inspiring and creative. Each group will leave their mark, using a blank canvas as a base. It is an activity in which each team will design their own path from nothing, correcting and reinventing the destiny of their work with a creative and free look. We will search for inspiration, unification of criteria and the promotion of the talent of each individual through the most creative art. Look no further, this can be your artistic teambuilding activity on the Costa del Sol.

This workshop works on different teamwork approaches based on graffiti techniques. We will position all participants outside their comfort zone, encouraging creativity, leadership and cooperation as the tools capable of creating something powerful. This is more than just painting a wall of white cubes. We seek to capture the corporate expression of a group in a representation of colors.

This participative-cooperative workshop will be supervised and guided at all times by two different groups of experts in the field:

  • Our experts in urban art, creation techniques and graffiti work will show and supervise the technical work of the workshop.
  • Our experts in teambuilding techniques: leadership, motivation, group cohesion, etc... will study and analyze the behavior of the teams during the workshop, with special emphasis on the objectives previously established.

We will start with the welcome of the participants and the explanation of the activity. Then we will give each team their material and show them how to use it to create their murals. The teams will each create their own murals, depending on the theme they have been given, and then they will be presented in a group setting.

Once the material has been distributed and the previous explanations have been given, the teams will have to work on their mural on white blocks. At the end of this phase, the participants will have to assemble their blocks, previously disarranged by our team, assemble their puzzle and describe the result of their work to our expert jury.

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Who's it for?

This activity is ideal for groups of all kinds, but especially for those who are looking for an active, creative and collaborative experience. Above all, it offers us a different perspective on teamwork through integration into the "urban" culture of the city. The activity can be personalized, both in terms of schedule, budget, objectives to be achieved, difficulty, starting and ending points, etc.

The Graffiti-Box is a creative and unique activity, designed for corporate events and teambuilding groups with Malaga as their destination. This activity can last from 2 to 3 hours.

  • Presentation of the activity and explanation of the activity
  • Delivery of the material
  • Explanation of our experts in urban art
  • The Graffiti-Box begins!
  • Presentation of the murals
  • Final Winners' Ceremony

Additional Information

Number of participants
From 20 to 200 persons
2-3 hours
All year round
Languages Spoken

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