This is YOUR activity, your 100% personalized experience


EXPERIENCE BOX offers you the opportunity to create and design your own and 100% personalised treasure hunt with iPads on the Costa del Sol. Look no further, because you will not find anything similar somewhere else. We custom design all the points of interest of your activity offering so many possibilities to create your own gymkhana:

  • All the questions in the Quiz can be specific to your company or the theme of your choice
  • Possibility to include photos and videos of the company or the chosen theme
  • Create tailor-made games related to the company actions such as new product launches, recording advertising spots, etc…
  • Customized icons on the interactive map
  • Your own challenges related to your company
  • Would you like the experience to have a rather cultural approach? Or maybe a fun teambuilding dynamic? Perhaps give it a historical or gastronomical touch? We can do it!
  • Do you want the teams to be able to boycott each other? It is possible!
  • Would you like it to be empathized on CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)? No problem! For example, converting the total score in donations to the NGOs of your choice!

On top of that, we can maximize even more the personalisation of your game by including a virtual avatar (wearing the company logo) that can give a welcome speech and even give some advice or tell curiosities during the experience.

Each team will have a backpack with different tools that will help them complete all the tasks and challenges. The iPad will be the main tool and their best friend during the experience. It will guide the teams through the city thanks to the interactive map with a geolocation system and the different points of interest that will be visible on the map and that the teams must follow.

Keep in mind that each point of interest is associated to a specific task that the teams will have to overcome to obtain a specific score depending on the difficulty of the challenge, therefore it is essential to set a good team strategy before deciding what challenges are going to be completed first and which ones are left for the end!

The starting point can be anywhere (city centre, hotel, beach, etc.) and the activity can end at any other location if the group wishes, allowing participants to gather around a drink or even have dinner after the activity.

Who's it for?

High-You is YOUR experience, YOUR interactive treasure hunt, making it the best way to discover the chosen city in a dynamic, interactive, very fun and overall personalised way! We usually organise this experience in cities like Estepona, Malaga, Marbella, Torremolinos, Granada, Seville, etc… but we can create it wherever you want!

  • Presentation of the activity and explanation of the rules
  • Creation of the teams and distribution of the backpacks
  • The fun begins!
  • Final ceremony with prize giving to the winning team

Additional Information

Number of participants
From 20 to 400 people
This activity can be organised at any time of the year.
What to wear
Comfortable clothes for walking around town during the game.
Important Information
This experience is created exclusively by Experience Box!
All year round, subject to availability
Languages Spoken

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