Escape the Hotel

Only one team will ESCAPE ! Will it be yours ?

Experience Box has designed for you the "Mystery Hotel" challenge, an enigmatic game perfect for the groups looking to have an original team building activity combining fun and "escape game" challenges. And all this withoutt having to leave your hotel of residence. 

If you want to enjoy a unique activity and surprise your team members, think no further and turn them into real detectives in order to resolve this hotel mystery and ESCAPE! All challenges can be customized and adapted to your company and obviously to the hotel where the mystery will take place. 

First of all, we will divide the group into teams at the beginning of the activity. Then we will give a complete briefing of the situation, of the tools available and of the time they will have to find the solution o this enigma. There will only be 1 winning team, hence competition is guaranteed! Every team will be provided with a backpack including tools that will help them during the game and, most importantly, an iPad which will guide them throughout the game.

In order to solve the mystery and escape from the hotel, the teams will have to use their ingenuity, but also their mental and manipulative skills. And we will be testing and challenging several factors such as: 

  • Team Work: only by getting the whole team involved will you be able to achieve your goals.
  • Ingenuity: Some of the challenges will definitely require strategic skills in order to be able to get to the next steps.
  • Creativity: sometimes there will be more than just one solution. Creativity will be key to have a chance to win.
  • Problem solving capacities will definitely help you get an oppotunity to discover the big secret.
  • Time management: time is often our worst enemy.

The main goal in this experience is to resolve a mystery, so the final enigma could be solved entering a certain room of the hotel, buried in a treasure chest in the garden or even available only via a hidden code in a envelope.

There is no doubt your group will enjoy this activity very much, so if you don't have the time or do not wish to move from the hotel to have a team building experience, we will turn the hotel into your own game board and make sure you have the time of your lives on the Costa del Sol and Analusia.

Who's it for?

The "Hotel Mystery" challenge is perfect for those looking to have an activity combining team work, strategy and competition. Whether you want it to be at a hotel or in a specific private venue, this is a unique and never-done-before experience for your team.

Additional Information

Number of participants
20 to 300
This activity dos not depend on weather conditions as it can be done indoor and outdoor.
All year round, subject to availability.
Languages Spoken

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