About the #vendrasSEGURO hashtag

It all happened in one of our video conferences with the Experience Box team. We had a clear challenge: what can we do from our modest position to help the destination Málaga and Costa del Sol?

The idea was more or less clear: take a step forward to encourage and develop a promotional campaign for Malaga as a tourist destination, especially for the corporate events and groups segment. But we needed a hook, a differentiating touch... and like all original and creative ideas that arise from the spontaneity of teamwork, this one was suddenly born in the form of a six-word phrase: " SEGURO que quieres venir, ¡ vendrás SEGURO !". Playing with the double meaning of the word “seguro” (“safe” and “sure”), the whole team loved it.

From there, the #VendrasSEGURO movement had begun, with the intention of making it a pillar for developing this campaign to promote our wonderful destination. In less than 24 hours, the first video, which has the direct participation of 20 companies, has had such an impact that we are already preparing subsequent editions with more companies, given the great reception that this action is having among professionals in the sector.

At Experience Box we are proud to do our bit to bring together the main suppliers in the MICE world on the Costa del Sol together, creating a message that is heard as much as possible, and for the moment we think we are succeeding. We believe that Malaga and the Costa del Sol are key to the economic recovery of the country and the double meaning of the word "seguro" seemed to us an original and striking way to base this movement. Hopefully this message will go viral and even the institutions and the media will give it a voice, so that it gets as far as possible.