Countdown Box

Be the first team to Escape the Countdown Box!

Experience Box has designed this exclusive activity: "Countdown Escape Box". Experience something different with our most exclusive activity, where you will have the opportunity to enjoy a game based on time pressure and team skills. Will you manage to stop the countdown and escape on time? 

To succeed in this teambuilding activity, TEAMWORK is ESSENTIAL. Cleverness, deduction, manipulation, and creativity will come together to defuse the bomb box within a set time. Teams will compete in a series of unparalleled challenges (fun, stress, time management, communication, logics, etc). 

Will your team be the first to defuse the box, or will we face a chain explosion? Find out with "Countdown Escape Box"!

The game will start with the creation of the teams. Each team will have a mysterious box to face. Inside, they will find a series of challenges, puzzles, riddles and clues that will allow them to progress from one level to the next until the device is defused.

Each box will be placed on a table, where each team will have their workstation. The activity can take place both indoors and outdoors.

Don't hesitate, if you are looking for something original for your group but don't want to travel to the city, turn the hotel or offices into your game board and take the opportunity to do something unique on the Costa del Sol. 

If you're looking for an escape option in the city, we offer two exciting alternatives: "Mystery iPad” where you'll unravel intriguing puzzles, and " Escape From The City" where you'll put your skills to the test in an urban setting.

Who's it for?

This proposal is ideal for groups who prefer to stay at the hotel and want an adrenaline-filled activity, combining the fun and excitement of an escape game.

  • Welcome speech and explanation of the rules of the game.
  • Formation of teams.
  • Distribution of materials.
  • Start of the game.
  • Ceremony for the winning team.
  • Group photo at the end.

Additional Information

Number of participants
20 to 200
This activity does not depends on weather conditions, as the activity can be organized indoor as well.
All year round, subject to availability.
Languages Spoken

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