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Paella Beach Cooking

Cooking with real Chefs in a beautiful restaurant in Marbella


We propose you a very special gastronomical activity that can be organized in a beach club or on any of the many beaches around Costa del Sol. This experience is perfect as a teambuilding challenge for incentives groups that are looking to have a wonderful time during summer season.

At the beginning of the activity, we will explain to all the participants what they are going to do during the day and how to cook the ingredients for the paella correctly. All this will be explained in detail by our qualificated Chef, once the explanation has finished, we will proceed to create the teams.

Each team will have to prepare the best paella possible, but not only having in mind the taste of the paella, the looking and teamwork will be valued also. In case of any doubt our Chef will be around to provide assistance if is neccesary.

This is an unusual gastronomical and fun experience that can be enjoyed next to the beautiful beaches of Costa del Sol.

To make this experience even more interesting, we can organize a competition, considering other factors like :

  • Which was the best paella
  • The most original and creative one
  • The best team

This planning can obviously be fully adapted to your requirements and we can includes optional services such as:

On top of all this, to make of this experience even more special, we can combine this activity with more beach games, like mega olimpics challenges, watersport activities at sea, raft building competition, etc




    Who's it for?

    This paella making contest is an ideal activity for incoming corporate groups in Marbella that are looking to have a gastronomical experience on the beaches of Costa del Sol.

    • Welcome briefing
    • Team creation
    • Cooking time
    • Ceremony Awards

    Additional Information

    Number of participants
    20 to 300
    4 to 5 hours
    What to wear
    We'll provide you with cooking caps and aprons
    During high season
    Languages Spoken