Virtual Reality Fun

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Experience Box brings you the possibility to enjoy one of the most popular and trendiest activities in the last few months... the amazing Virtual Reality Experience (VRE).

Virtual reality is a perception of being physically present in a non-physical world with an amazing feeling of being in a simulated world. Besides that, we will have a platform capable of responding to human movement, with its own mobility and visual synchronization, so once the game starts the feeling will be like the real life. Get ready to enjoy thrilling sensations, in one of these three ways :

VRE Experience

Here you will enjoy the VR experience in a rather"passive" way, from riding a rollercoaster to flying an airplane over beautiful landscapes.

Individual Challenge

You can take part in a VR competition, enjoying one or several games featured by the Virtual Reality. For example, driving a racing car on a circuit as fast as possible, or trying to complete some ski-jumps... You will individually participate in a competition with the selected games.

Group Competition
Similar to the individual challenge described above, but here you will score points for your team as part of a group competition. While you are not playing, you can watch the other team members and cheer them up. At the end, once all the games have been completed, we will gather the results from all teams and we will announce the winner!

You will have at your permanent disposal a professional instructor, who will explain all the rules of each game, as well as showing how it all works... fun is guaranteed!!

Let us take you to places that you never imagined nor dreamed about... our Virtual Reality Experience is an unforgettable activity.

Who's it for?

This activity is perfect for corporate groups, incentives, looking to have fun in Costa del Sol. Ideal to explore the new technologies or just to feel the emotion of our Virtual Reality Competition

Additional Information

Number of participants
From 15 to 50 people
From 1 to 3 hours approximately
This activity can be done it outdoor and indoor, so it does not depend on weather conditions
What to wear
Comfortable clothes
Currently unavailable
Languages Spoken

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