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Survival Workshop

"Into the wild" for groups and team building experiences

Experience Box has designed survival bootcamps for 1 to 3 days. This "course" is physically and mentally challenging and will promote self-awareness and esteem, build self-confidence and team building skills whilst giving each candidate the chance to earn points both individually and as part of a group. The candidates will generally be split into teams and will be competing against each other both in teams and personally. The challenges are immense, they take candidates out of their ‘comfort zone’ and into new territories.  It's fun, it's challenging, it's very interesting and gives everyone the chance to enjoy the mountains and valleys of this beautiful area – whilst taking home new found skills and a huge sense of camaraderie.

These survival workshops / camps will take place in a real lost world, a private 55.000sqm outdoor land inland Marbella dedicated exclusively to the organization of corporate events, team building events and adventure experiences.

Some of the activities we will organize, depending on the size of the group, period of the year, etc are : 

  • Fire making "competition": we will split costumers into teams and, after a demonstration of the technique (fire by firction with the bow method) we will ask them to obtain a fire using this method. As one needs several elements to make fire this way (bow, string, dry grass nest, spindle, base board and bearing block) the participants will have to plan, organize themself (tasks allocation, people management, leading, etc), find or create these elements and then get the fire. It´s up to you how hard we will push them in this activity: we could just give them all the elements, some of them or ask them to produce the whole set in order to get the fire.
  • Shelter building competition: We will explain what the important aspects of a good shelter are, showing participants one already made, and then ask the them to build one, team by team. Higher score will be obtain for the better and more eficent shelter.
  • Trap making : In survival, traps are the most effective way to hunt. We could explain and show two differents types of traps (just made out of sticks, cordage and stones) and then the compatition would be to split the group and let them choose one of the type of traps and buid and set one of them. The team that get the best one wins. (we will have to check which traps would be more eficient and well camouflaged) This again will build team work as they will need to share tasks and make decisions in order to get the best results.
  • The art of invisibility : to blend into nature it´s quite important if your goal is to see animals in case you´d like to hunt, take pictures or just watch them. We will show ways to move quietly and to camouflage ourselves with natural elements (grass, sticks, mud, charcoal, etc) and how to blend into the enviroment. We then will give a few minutes to a team to get "dirty" and hide around within a few meters. Another team, who meanwhile has been doing some other activity would have to spot the members of the hidden team.
  • The throwing stick : the throwing stick is a very basic hunting weapon used around the world by different people. We will show how to throw them at different targets simulating rabbits at different distances and locations. Simple and funny.
  • Water purifying techniques : we'll teach you how to purify water to survive.
  • First aid response – an injured person is found on the mountain : the team must check for output, identify what could be the problem, provide first aid if needed and arrange to transport the person to safety/rescue area.
  • Treetop skills : using harness and rope, we will teach you how to climb a tree and recover the flag at the top, using our dedicated treetop adventure circuit, equipment and always supervised by our qualified staff.
  • Food : identify and collect several wild edible foods in the local area.
  • Shooting challenges (using paintball guns or air rifles)
  • Insect eating training
  • Etc  

All our survival team building workshops are fully taylor-made to meet your expectations, available time, budget, profiles, etc. The programs can include also : 

  • Catering services (barbecue, paella, etc), music, drinks, etc
  • Entertainment
  • Adventure activities (paintball, crazy golf, quadbike circuits, giant inflatable assault course, insect eating, fun games lik epetanque or bowling, etc)
  • MICE services (photographer, sound equipment, meeting facilities, transport services to the resort, etc)
  • Stay overnight in tents
Who's it for?

Survival workshops make excellent team building events as groups of 10to 150 persons will have to help each other to learn the most and achieve the best "survival".


The events will be designed according to the group size, expectations, available time, etc. We are fully flexible as we'll use our private resort inland Marbella, Costa del Sol and our dedicated experts. 

Additional Information

Number of participants
20 to 150 pax
Half day to 3 days
What to wear
Comfortable clothes
All year round, subject to availability.
Languages Spoken

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