Eco - Canyoning (river cleaning)

A fun and unusual corporate social responsibility experience

Experience Box brings an amazing outdoor activity for groups interested in combining an adventure activity with a social responsibility element, in this case it consists in helping us protecting the environment. Our Respoponsible Canyoning activity is the perfect opportunity to help us clean the river and remove all the trash that might have been thrown in it.

We will provide each participant with the equipment needed for the day (harness, wetsuit, helmet, gloves, trasj bags, etc). This activity will be guided at all times by one of our professional instructors, who will take care of you during the day and manage the cleaning contest, leading you to some specific river areas where the situation is sometimes more critical. The purpose of this experience is to clean the river as much as possible, removing all the wastes and all the possible trash in order to protect the environment.

During the descecnt, you will swim through rock pools, caves, tunnels as well as slide down and clambering over the rocks.

We usually include the following items in this activity:

  • Professional guides
  • All the equipment needed for this activity (helmet, swimsuits, harness, etc)
  • All the tools needed to clean the river (plastic bags, gloves, name team tags)
  • Full body canyoning wetsuits
  • Special canyoning boots
  • Pictures and videos of the day
  • Prize for the best team in cleaning the river

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Who's it for?

This is the perfect chance for groups staying on the Costa del Sol looking to experience a fun and adventure oriented activity as well as "give something back to Society" by protecting the environment at the same time.

  • Arrival to the meeting point
  • Our instructor will provide you with all the equipment
  • Have fun and clean as much as possible!

Additional Information

Number of participants
From 10 to 200
3h-4h approx
What to wear
We will provide all the equipment required for the experience, including wetsuits, canyoning boots, etc.
All year round, subject to availability
Languages Spoken

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