Reforest Action CSR

For real Corporate Social Responsibility events !


If you or your company are looking for a group activity related to CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), ethics and special values, look no further!! We propose a reforestation group activity on the Costa del Sol, Andalucia, where you will be able to help locals reforest their dry (and very often devastated by fires) lands.

Many companies nowadays are conscious of the importance of CSR, and recognise their responsibility to manage the environmental impacts of their activities, products and services, but also of their off-site corporate events (incentive trips, conferences, team building activities, business meetings, product launches, etc). The Reforestation activity is ideal for such companies !

They key questions we will be working on, will be: 

  • Why is the reforestation process an important activity for the environment?
  • Why do we plant? Why do we irrigate?

We will start your CSR event with a presentation of the activity, detailing the development step by step. After we had organised and divided the group in teams with aprox. 10 participants per team, , we will handle out all the necessary material for the planting and watering process. 

We usually include in the activity: 

  • Liaison with Environmental Authorities, authorizations and area selection
  • Event Director and monitors.
  • Equipment and material needed
  • Baby trees and shrub seedling suitable for reforestation (one per participant)
  • Water for irrigation
  • Group picture
  • Maintenance and irrigation of the trees for the next 3 years

On top of these inclusions we can organise breakfast or lunch before, during or after the activity; professional photography and videos during the event, etc... 

Who's it for?

This reforestation corporate activity is designed for companies and groups interested in combining their off-site events (meetings, incentive, team building, conference, etc) with a touch of Social Responsibility. CSR is about how companies manage their business processes to produce an overall positive impact on society.

  • Selection of reforestation zone
  • Welcome briefing and presentation
  • Explanation of the objectives and the local flora (by a professional specialist)
  • Start the plantation processes (preparation, holes, watering, protection of baby trees, etc)
  • Enjoy !
  • Evaluation and "thoughts sharing" experienced during the day - Debriefing

Additional Information

Number of participants
20 to 500
3h to a full day, or more
Activity subject to availability of planting areas next to the hotel
Should the weather not allow the activity, we also propose INDOOR reforestation activities (seeds, clay, etc)
What to wear
Comfortable clothes, suitable for such events
Planting seasons and specific places. More information on request.
Languages Spoken

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