Mars Experience (Virtual)

Will you be able to “Escape to Mars” ?

If you are looking for a team building activity that would be safe (remote), fun and original, look no further. 

Mars Experience is much more than a standard Escape Game, it’s the ultimate collaboration challenge available on the market. It sees teams prepare a RESCUE mission to Mars. Teams work on a complex problem where information is distributed across the different team members, who will have to leverage all their remote working skills to to find the Launch Code of the mission. Mars Experience Virtual Challenge is an original, fun and dynamic (against the clock) team Building activity designed for high performing teams.

This is more than just a fun game, it is also an opportunity for you to analize the virtual collaboration skills within the company (how to communicate in an efficient way while doing home working or simply when working in different cities/countries, what communication platform to use and how, how to select and share the relevant information only, etc). With this fun exercise, you can scale the level of "learning" that you with to integrate in the activity :

  • from a fun team bonding game to a higher end coaching and human resources development solution
  • from a short icebreaking activity to a full team building experience spread over the time (there are several games and levels available, so allowing to design a complete solution to your expectations). 

The group will be split into several teams of up to 7 participants. Each member of a team will automatically get access to some pieces of information and will have to efficiently collaborate with the others to calculate the right answer/code. 

As it’s a virtual activity, we will use the online collaboration/conference/webinars platform usually used by the client and provide participants with additional breakout rooms allowing additional collaboration functionality such as chat, collaborative document sharing, etc.

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Who's it for?

Companies that select this program are either looking for an online activity to challenge the smartest of remote working teams or are simply looking for a fun and original team experience to create/improve bonds between employees (ice breaking, team Building, virtual collaboration, etc).

Running this session also helps teams look at how they make decisions in the virtual environment, the challenges they face, the mirrors back to the real world and what they can do to improve their virtual team performance.

NOTE : we also offer a 3D Mission to Mars activity

  • General briefing (using platforms like Teams, Zoom, etc)
  • Access the game (virtually meet your team, as these are made automatically and randomly)
  • Try to be the fastest and the best to solve the challenge
  • Debriefing (learning process, improvement options, etc)

Additional Information

Number of participants
20 to 1000
30 minutes to 1h, according to the game selected
Not running in Internet Explorer
All year round, and worldwide
Languages Spoken

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