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Robinson Crusoe

Lear how to survive and win this great beach competition

We would like to offer you the opportunity to feel like a real Robinson Crusoe or Tom Hanks and his worldwide famous best friend Willow in Castaway. This is a new and very exclusive activity you can luckily now experience on the Costa del Sol.

You will have to develop some skills such as how to get drinkable water, make a fire, build a shelter and even build a raft to leave the "island".

The group will be divided in teams. Each one will have a box with tools such as strings and wood sticks ... On top of this and to create a competitive atmosphere to the experience, they will have to achieve some specific goals in order to get extra materials, equipment and therefore gain advantage over the other teams.

Everyone will have a clear role to play within the team:

  • The leader: He will be in charge to assign a task to every member and would supervise the whole process.
  • The builders: They are the ones who will have to build the shelter and the raft to get out of the "island"
  • The explorers: Least but not last, they will be in charge of finding the extra tools, completing the puzzles and further challenges.

Teamwork  is the key to win in this teambuilding since most of the materials can only be used once during the game.

At the end of the game we will check the quality of every shelter and raft, and evaluate all the proposed goals in order to annouce the winning team.

Do you dare to prove you are a real survivor? 

Who's it for?

This survival workshop is excellent to develop the teambuilding spirit of the group. It will make you improve your skills as a teamwork; leadership, creativity and survival.

Additional Information

Number of participants
From 20 to 300 people
2 to 4h
If the weather conditions are not ideal we always have a plan B
What to wear
Comfortable clothes
All year round, subject to availability
Languages Spoken

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