F1 Building with "social distancing"

Design, build and compete like a Formula-1 Champion.

Experience Box offers you the opportunity to enjoy an original and different team building experience, promoting teamwork but at the same time respecting distances!

In this activity, the objective is to build the best Formula 1 car prototype, taking into account a series of elements of the purest team building. We have completely redesigned this experience, respecting health safety measures and maintaining its functionality. Participants will have to divide up several tasks to be the most successful team and win the competition. 

In our F1 workshop all teams will have to design, build and create their own car, that is, as good engineers, know how to develop the best project and a good sales team that knows how to bring out the best in the car. The teams will work by departments in separate spaces, and they will have to coordinate and communicate to carry out the development of the project in a certain period of time. Afterwards, the car will be presented to all attendees and all the advantages and strengths of the car will be explained, such as innovation, aerodynamics and above all good reliability.

The criteria that the jury of experts will take most into account when evaluating the results are:

-Mechanical reliability of the built car -"Look" and design  -Communication between team members -Leadership  -Time management  -Adjustment and flexibility to possible unexpected issues and changes -Ability to sell your product

We will learn to work as a team in the distance and overcome the challenge of social distancing to achieve the goal.

We will provide all the necessary material, completely sanitized, to make possible the construction of the vehicle in question.

If you are looking for a pure teambuilding activity to work in teams, where contact between participants is reduced to a minimum, look no further!


Who's it for?

Perfect activity for groups looking for an innovative, safe and competitive team building activity on the Costa del Sol, combining ingenuity, collaboration, communication, competition and above all a lot of fun. And the most important thing is that it allows us to develop an activity of these characteristics in a totally safe environment, maintaining the safety distances and avoiding the contact of the participants, which will turn it into one more challenge at the time of completing the test.

  • Delivery of material including gloves, masks and hydro alcoholic gel
  • Creation of the vehicle in different departments: design, branding and mounting
  • Presentation of the vehicles
  • Awards ceremony

Additional Information

Number of participants
10 to 100 pax
1 to 2 hours
a space is required to carry out the activity
The activity is not weather dependent as it can be organized indoors and outdoors
What to wear
comfortable clothes
Important Information
A fun activity that addresses elements such as communication, time and change management, etc.
All year round, subject to availability
Languages Spoken

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