EHS & Social Distancing Friendly

The activities you find here-under have been adapted or designed specifically for groups looking to enjoy a team building activity but willing to maximize the social distancing while doing so. EHS (Environment, Health and Safety) activities are available and make great team  building activities. The Covid19 virus has opened opportunities for new, fun and safe activities for groups.  These activities will be organized in a way to optimize safety of the participants and the organizing staff (number of participants, team size, hand sanitizers and other protection items included, distances, durations, challenges formats, etc).

Online collaborative team building activity
Virtual, Online, Remote... But it"s a great and dynamic team activity.
Working from home? How about some fun with your colleagues.
Exclusive, fun, dynamic and safe... this is the PTA CHALLENGE
A Covid SAFE team buiding activity in Malaga, Marbella or Seville
Your Eco-friendly teambuilding Activity
Design, build and compete like a Formula-1 Champion.
A combination of mystery + escape game for groups
Free the Costa del Sol beaches from plastic and wastes !
A 100% ecological and safe golfing experience at sea ?
Only YOU can find the key to this enigma and escape !